Landing on a Beach: Adventures to Barra // June 2019

Swooping low over the islands, we ducked under the clouds to begin our final approach to the beach. Landing at Barra is a special experience, we drop over the rocky outcrops and onto the wet sand below, sea spray covering the windows. It’s an elemental way to arrive at an unforgiving place.

Whilst on the island we stayed at the super Dunard Hostel, visited the best Scottish island Indian restaurant I’ve known at Kissimel Cafe and walked the miles of remote sand dunes, deserted beaches and clifftop paths. Along the roads there are a few signs of people; boats lay abandoned alongside cars, farm animals and marine detritus. Open land is free-for-all here and there’s little obvious indication of where public and private land begins and ends.

Here are a few images from our time there.